Hi I'm John and I designed this web site to share info about some  real estate investments projects I am involved with.  Plus other things you may find interesting. 

This is not a restricted website. 

However, it is not registered with Googles, MSN, Yahoo…   It is simply a posting meant to be shared with several of my friends and associates.

I would venture a guess, the reason you are viewing this web page is that you have been referred to this site by me or one your friends.  In short, you probably have not been directed to this site by a search engine.

Nothing is more complementary than receiving a referral from another person.  Not only does it make you feel appreciated for the services you provided, It also makes you mindful that your are doing a good job. 

As a real estate broker/investor, working mainly in management of Residential Rental Property, I've also decided to share thru this Website an introductory listing of certain individuals to contact and check out their services and or products they have available.   

This website is not meant to be my complete listing of referrals.  If you have a request for certain services, there is a good chance I have within my files a name or two of someone that may be able to help you.  Feel free to give me an email request and I will post same on this website.

It is my sincere wish you find value thru these referrals and this website.

Best regards,


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